About me

Well lets start at the beginning… I still have the nursing home bill for how much it cost for me to be born!
Since then its pretty much been down hill.

– earn my living as a photographer (editorial, design, advertising, publishing, fashion)
– am Listowner of Prodig.org
(“the best email forum in the world” – according to Paul Herrmann, Redeye co-ordinator – who am I to argue!)
-co-organiser of Shot Up North the SUN Awards
…and I provide web services to photographers, artists and anyone else too.

I’ve also been a Board member and Director of the Association of Photographers AOP… was one of the founding members of the Digital Imaging Group in the UK… and I’ve had far too many honorary positions on advisory boards and committees than was good for me.

Oh! and now it seems I’ve got a talent as a radio presenter too… and the face to match!

– Ed Horwich


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