Spent today at the #getambition workshop at Novas in Liverpool, on behalf of Redeye. Lots of interesting people. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the ideas and methods of Social Networking to arts organisations. A huge amount of stuff to take in.

Adrian McEwen, @amcewen, wasn’t originally aware of Get AmbITion but caught the event on Twitter and brought his Bubblino for everyone to see. Its a little bubble machine that watches Twitter and blows bubbles every time someone tweets its name.

There was a very entertaining and informative presentation by Christian Payne, @documentally a photo-journalist who uses all the social networking tools available. He carries an extensive range of small light-weight equipment to record and live-blog with… Kodak Zi6 video, digital audio recorder, iPhone etc. He recalls the events surrounding his crashing a Land Rover in an islated spot in the countryside. Surviving the crash due to the robustness of the vehicle, but with no way to get immediate help, he made a video of his predicament and uploaded it to Youtube via his iPhone. Within 10 minutes he had an offer of a crane from a few miles away to right the car, a help-fund was set up in the USA, and Land Rover management was making a tentative offer to replace his vehicle.

Not only did this kit help him out of a perilous situation, it also enabled him to scoop the major news networks like Reuters in getting videos and interviews with Tony Benn and Gordon Brown to the news wires quicker than they could.

Here’s a bookmark list of other online tools mentioned…

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