Apple 3 strikes

macbook proSince I bought my Powerbook, somewhat reluctantly and before I wanted to embark on that purchase last September, its been a regular pain. Within four weeks, just long enough for it not to be declared “dead on arrival”, the screen died. Apple said take it to a local certified repair centre as that would be quicker, so I did. It took six weeks to get a replacement. But even before they phoned me to collect it, that too died. A few days later and it was replaced, but not before the motherboard died. On collecting it I found there was some damage to the bevel around the screen, so they said they would order another and I could take it home in the meantime. As I was using it I noticed the sound only seemed to be coming out of one speaker.

January came around and finally the new bevel arrived, so back to the repair shop for fitting and checking out the sound. A new motherboard was declared the answer, so another wait ensued. A week or so later the new board is installed, but doesn’t fix the problem, so they order some new speakers. A few days go by and the new speakers are fitted… its a quick job so I walk around town whilst they do it… on my return there’s bad news, they’ve broken the motherboard whilst fitting the speakers. Another round trip and now when I check out the machine, now running again, I notice the screen has several dark patches on it. But this screen only takes days to arrive. Next the Firewire ports fails… and following that the Bluetooth card fails also… but in turn  both get replaced and the problems are fixed. So I have a working machine, still with the sound problem, but its not such a big deal so I live with it.

Days, weeks, months pass, time moves on. I bump into a friend who works for an Apple dealership and tell him the saga, just to pass the time of day. “Oh no that shouldn’t have happened… after three parts you should have got a new machine”…. oh! One phone call to Apple later and I’m sitting here in front of a brand new MacBook Pro. Now THIS is the machine I had been looking for when I started this journey!

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