Drowning iPod

water-drops-ipod.jpgWell it was bound to happen one day. After I finish my routine in the gym (shock horror… yes I’ve been going about three to four times a week since the beginning of August) I generally go for a swim. Now my gym shorts serve also as my swimming shorts… convenient eh! And whilst I’m in the gym my iPod Shuffle is in the pocket of my shorts.
Yep you guessed it… in the shower I suddenly discovered something solid that shouldn’t have been there. My first thought was that it was a sign that I should buy the Nano I had promised myself. But hang on, I pressed the battery check button and wuhey that looked ok. But I thought I’d better not try anything further till it’d had a chance to dry out a bit. A few hours later the body of the iPod seemed dry enough and I tested it with a spare set of earbuds. It sounded fine. But the original earbuds needed overnight on top of the central heating. Low and behold the next day everything was working perfectly.
It had survived ten minutes in the steam room, ten minutes in the hot tub and ten minutes swimming in the pool.

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