How to get elected when you’ve got the flu’

aopIt was the AGM of the Association of Photographers last night. I had planned to be there. But I’ve had the flu for the last ten days or more and I still have a load of stuff to do with launching the sun awards. So there I am, sitting on the couch waiting to listen in to the AGM in London via an audio link up on Skype. But its not to be. A few perilous moments saying hi to Anthony and then the whole thing at his end crashes and I’m left watching the TV instead. As I understand it all the members standing for election to the Board are supposed to have stood up and said their piece before the votes are recorded. Well of course they have my words on paper, as does everyone. But I’m not there so maybe they won’t vote for me. I’m sure someone will take on the ‘regional’ agenda if I don’t get on, and maybe it will be a relief not to have these honourary duties, which are actually quite a serious undertaking.
But here I am next day and lo and behold in comes an email listing me as one of the successfully elected Board members. So here I am for another year…ok let’s get this thing into gear!

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