Medici Private View

Ed at the medici Gallery I flew back in to London from Bordeaux in the morning and crashed out for a while before heading into town for the opening. Gatwick is a nightmare. It seems you have to walk from one end to another and then get a train back to the place you first started from in order to get anywhere. And the signage doesn’t really tell you if its worth heading in the direction its pointing.

Being a little while since I’d last been to an opening of one of my own exhibitions, I’d forgotten what it’s like. But now I realise how much I miss it. My images are the first ones as you enter the gallery. I hope that’s good, I don’t know. It was excellent to have friends who I haven’t seen for a while and family there to share the evening.
Exhibition runs from 1st – 29th July 2005 at the Medici Gallery, Cork Street, London.

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