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Well, Redeye’s conference in Manchester is over and I’m home… to the greenhouse and editing videos. Quite an intense time Friday to Sunday. Lots of people to meet, some completely new, others I’d only chatted to in email or that I know from Prodig… and even then couldn’t meet them all. And venue in the heart of the city, Chethams Library (pronounced Cheethams), is steeped in history and is where Marx and Engles spent some time pursuing their writings.

For the most part I spent the weekend keeping a Twitter stream going on the hashtag #NPS1. John Perivolaris and Julian from L Star were doing the same, plus a few more sporadic contributions from others, and if we were in different sessions it meant you could keep up with more than one room at a time. I hope those who were following remotely on Twitter could make sense of that. Certainly we seemed to have a following, with one bit of feedback coming from as far away as Singapore.

I was toying with the idea of doing some Tweets whilst chairing the session I was in charge of with Yasmina Reggad and David Hoffman. Decided against it in the end but now I’m not so sure. I think it would have been a more concise way of keeping notes… I scrawled far too many by hand… 140 characters really does concentrate the mind very effectively.

Anyway, my other self-imposed job was to grab as many off the cuff interviews as I could. Looking back I would have liked to have got more, but you really do have to be on your toes to do that and keep tweeting.

So here they are… 7 interviews with 8 people, plus Ian McMillan’s very funny conference address on the opening evening.

link: NPS1 Video Interviews

john dunne 1st edition graffitti A first edition of John Dunne’s verse from the Library, with some graffitti that had been scrawled in it in 1630 “Thomas Brown is a clown” (a year before Dunne’s death), which Ian McMillan refers to at the end of his address.

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