Presenter BBC Radio Manchester

ed horwich bbc radio manchester jewish hour

That’s right I’m now a presenter on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Jewish Hour’.

Surprisingly there are a lot of similarities between the creative skills for radio and those for photography… preparation, tight schedules, capturing enough material that you can later edit, conveying the right mood and telling the story succinctly. One paints a picture with light, the other paints it with sound.

So far I’ve courted controversy, with one interview creating headlines widely in the Jewish press; and I’ve brought my audience to tears, with one listener contacting the programme to let us know he had to stop the car and cry when I featured the story of a Holocaust survivor.

Jewish Hour
Monday’s 7.00 – 8.00pm
95.1 FM
DAB digital
Online –
available for 7 days from broadcast on the BBC iPlayer

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