SUN Awards year two

sun lowryHow come just when you think you’ve got something off to a tee, doing it a second time gets harder. Well you know what it is, having been such a success the first time now the stakes are raised and expectations require you to take it to a second level. So it is with this years SUN.
A stonking success with 40% more people entering this year, sponsorship up, and an improved production flow. Even I managed to get and entry accepted in this year’s book. The opening exhibition and awards ceremony in the Lowry Hotel Manchester. It provides a very nice space for the work to hang, but there’s nowhere really to make a proper presentation, and once the free drinks have run out the bar prices are through the roof. Next stop is a return visit for a three month stint at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.
Click on the book cover below to flip through live online.

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