sun shines in a basement

martin evening At the beginning of the week I thought I was bound to be well in time for the seminar. But I was really doubting it just before I set off for Manchester. However I made it and had an enjoyable dinner with Martin Tracey and Ric. Next morning at the Circle Club I’m struggling to keep it together, but this flu has very few symptoms apart from feeling rough and run down. Fortunately its down to Martin (Evening) and Simon (Street… from iView media) to do all the talking, I just have to introduce them.
Its a packed house and I plonk myself in an armchair tucked out of the way, but where I can just about still see things. This is Martin’s dry run for a full scale seminar in the States. So he’s doing a two hour session in the morning and another in the afternoon. In between there’s lunch and Simon’s presentation.
I got to know Martin ten years ago when I was in London and we were both founder members of the Digital Imaging Group. He included my work in the first couple of editions of his book Adobe Photoshop for Photographers and then he helped me run the early days of the Prodig email List. So it was excellent to have him as part of our sun awards 2005 pre-launch event.
A couple of days later and I’m still feeling as rough as can be, but with a really successful event accomplished.
the sun awards

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