The Last Resort

Martin Parr approached me to print his images for the book of The Last Resort. Although already produced as an exhibition, when they put them to press a couple worked but the others weren’t doing well in reproduction. Martin found out about me asI had already produced gallery work for some other artists. So I asked if he wanted me to reproduce anything about the existing images, or if not what guidance did he want to give me… his instruction was ‘what you see is what I see’. I didn’t actually get to see the original prints, so I was coming fresh to the work. There was a heck of a lot of dodging and shading, pushing parts of the image back, pulling some forward. I made at least four work prints for each image (let alone all the sample tests and colour consistency checks) before I was satisfied with the finished result. The work was done in batches to quite short deadlines… and there was quite a lot of coffee and beer involved often working till four in the morning. So in the book* you’re getting Martin’s incredible work through my eyes and hands.

[*other than the couple included before I stepped in]

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